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CEO, Social Strategi LLC

Shilpi Agarwal.

Shilpi is an Ethical Data-Driven Marketing Leader with 15+ years of experience and a unique skillset of Engineering + Design + Marketing.

She leads Social Strategi LLC, a for-profit Social Enterprise dedicated to raising awareness for ethical data-driven marketing.

She's building the World's First Community of Ethical Data Marketers as part of this Initiative where all Marketing Leaders are invited to join and collectively establish the ground rules of global secular ethics to guide our most elemental business and marketing decisions.

As part of her Philanthropic effort, Shilpi also started the Social Data for Social Good Initiative - a FREE 10 Weeks Marketing Acceleration Program for Nonprofits and Social Benefit Corporations and successfully delivered training to the first cohort.

Shilpi is an Instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies as well as an Adjunct faculty member at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.

She works with Startup Accelerators like the Social Good Accelerator, MIT $100K Launch, NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, Pacific Community Ventures, IgniteXL, HubSV and is an Advisor and Mentor to Startups worldwide.

B2B Account Based Marketing 00%

Brand Intelligence 00%

Competitive Intelligence 00%

Customer Acquisition Strategy 00%

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